Pursuing uncommon investments in real estate, technology and entertainment

Mirasol Capital is an investment firm that pursues uncommon opportunities in real estate, technology and entertainment that reimagine how we live, work and play. Mirasol leverages its network, resources and expertise to generate superior returns over the long-term.

Who We Are

Mirasol’s Defining

Our Vision

Invest in experiences that transform how we live, work and play

Mirasol Capital is committed to innovation and next-generation technology. Our investments seek to boldly challenge the status quo and leave a legacy footprint on the human experience.

This vision is influenced by our founder, Steve Winn, an entrepreneur with decades of experience in pioneering new markets across the tax processing, real estate technology and immersive entertainment industries.

We invest in industry-defining BIG ideas. Ideas that are sustainable and differentiated. We leverage our expertise, network, resources, and vision to generate long-term returns.